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For the week of November 12, 2018 Reacquainting Ourselves with the Spirit of Grace

We all enjoy experiencing success in life, but too many people fail to realize who is ultimately responsible for it. Even born-again Christians can forget that they are simply incapable of doing some things by themselves. We’ll never have to struggle with issues when we accept help from the Holy Spirit. When we see breakthrough, it’s not by our own might or power, but by God’s Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, also called the Spirit of grace, is the one who guides and directs us, and empowers us to succeed, yet few people even know Him. Getting reacquainted with Him enriches our lives in unimaginable ways. When we’re stuck in a situation, we can turn to Him for the answers we need. He wants us to succeed; when we do, He gives us the wisdom to admit that our success is the Lord’s doing, and it’s marvelous in our eyes.

Power is the ability to get the job done, and we get this ability from the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, when the people were oppressed and cried out to God, the Holy Spirit gave Othniel the power to defeat the enemy. During the first Pentecost, the believers received power when He came upon them and gave them the boldness to spread the gospel to others. This same power is available to us today; we tap into it when we acknowledge the Spirit is a real person who wants a relationship with us.

When we ask Him for the grace gift of the ability to speak in tongues, He’s happy to oblige. Praying in the Holy Spirit gives us a tremendous advantage because we don’t have to depend on our own limited abilities when we pray. He allows us to talk directly to God by interceding for us with groaning too deep for words. Making the Holy Spirit our unseen partner puts us in a win-win situation.


God, the guidance Your Spirit gives us turns failure into success. As the third person in the Holy Trinity, He administers the covenant of grace that Your Son established. We’re grateful for Him and what He does. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  • Zecharaiah 4:6
  • Psalm 118:23
  • Judges 3:9, 10
  • Acts 1:4, 5, 8
  • Acts 2:1-4
  • Romans 8:26
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