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World Dome

world dome


world dome
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In 1991, World Changers Church International Christian Center broke ground to build a new sanctuary, and in response to its growing membership and influence around the world, the ministry changed its name to World Changers Church International (WCCI). On December 24, 1995, the leaders and members of WCCI moved into the World Dome, which has a seating capacity of 8,500. Unlike any other structure in the community, this magnificent building was built by faith, at a cost of $18 million, without one dollar of bank financing. To this day, the ministry continues to extol the virtues of debt-freedom, trusting God to initiate and complete new projects without the added burden of debt. The construction of the World Dome, by a growing church with only a few thousand dollars in the bank when the project began, remains a model that ministries all over the world continue to emulate. It is a testament to the miracle-working power of God, when you trust Him as your source.