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Remember, Jesus is Lord, and "...in all your getting, get understanding."

Date Title Author
April 08, 2014 Demolishing Containment Creflo Dollar
March 21, 2014 Grow Up So God Can Use You Creflo Dollar
March 11, 2014 Back Up Your Faith Creflo Dollar
February 10, 2014 Self-Perception: The Key to Lasting Change Creflo Dollar
February 5 , 2014 Faith Speaks Creflo Dollar
January 21 , 2014 Forever Established Creflo Dollar
January 6 , 2014 Trusting in the Life of Grace without Fear Creflo Dollar
December 20 , 2013 Friendship with God Creflo Dollar
December 16 , 2013 The Flucatuating Soul Creflo Dollar
December 9 , 2013 The Blood: Our Stronghold Creflo Dollar
December 2 , 2013 Embracing Your Christ-Identity Creflo Dollar