The Irony in Seeking God’s Face

Scripture References:

• Matthew 14:26

• Luke 24:37-39 (New International Version)

• Habakkuk 2:2

How many times have you talked to someone about a problem only to have them give you some generic response like, Everything's going to be fine; you just have to seek God's face. Although it may sound comforting, how many people have heard that phrase and wondered, What does that mean?

Recently God has been dealing with me about correctly using words and avoiding the temptation to pervert language. As I grasp this concept, I begin to think about the phrase, seek God's face. Of course, the Bible instructs us to seek God's face, however, literally translated, it sounds like we should actually be looking for the physical face of God.

I remember the first time someone told me to seek God's face. I was petrified! I was a new Christian, and really didn't have concept of the spirit behind what was said. So for days I was timorous, thinking I was going to wake up and see a physical face. Now, almost 20 years later, because I have an understanding of what it means to seek God's face, I laugh at the fact that I was literally peeking around corners expecting to see the tangible face of God. Now this may sound weird to you, but I honestly took that phrase literally.

As Christians, we've got to be mindful of all the Christian rhetoric we use, and how it might sound to people who may not be spiritually literate. A mature Christian may know what it means to seek God's face; however, a new Christian could possibly take seeking God's face literally and get spooked.

For humor's sake, lets' imagine that everyone that was ever told to seek God's face took it literally. Let's also assume for a moment that it was physically possible to see God's face. What would you do if you got up from prayer and saw a face encompassed by a smoky cloud? I don't know about you, but I know I'd be terrified. As much as I want to see God, I'd probably faint. I'd be like the disciples when they thought Jesus was a ghost. God knows we want to see His face, but I'm positive He's not trying to scare us.

I said all that to say, stop being so deep, and just say what you mean. If a brother or sister comes to you with a problem, don't just say, 'seek God's face'; instead testify. More than likely God has led them to you because you've overcome the very thing they're dealing with.

We are approaching a time where simplicity is a must. The world is complex, and as a result people have attempted to make the Word of God complex, but it's not. God wants His vision plain, so that anyone who reads it can follow it; which is why He's breathed His Word in a format everyone can comprehend. Whether you're a Harvard graduate or someone who never finished high school, you can understand the Word of God and apply it daily to your life.

— Dr. Creflo A. Dollar