Volunteer Ministries Listing

At WCCI, we encourage spiritual employment. Our volunteer ministries are listed below. Please, pray and ask God to show you the ministry in which you are graced to serve. Once you have made your choice, please download the WCCI Ministry Directory to obtain the contact information for the ministry you would like to join. You can call us at (770) 210‑5700, ext. 6217, or e‑mail us at volunteer@worldchangers.org to sign up today.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry displays a theatrical mirror of our pastors’ sermon topics. This allows the audience to see how the Word of God can be practically applied to their everyday lives. We also provide Christian entertainment for holidays and special events.

Emergency Medical Support Team (EMST)

A dedicated group of registered nurses, licensed nurse practitioners, and doctors who assist members and visitors who experience medical challenges during service. We use our natural training, as well as our spiritual training, to obtain supernatural results.

Family Assessment Ministry (FAM)

The objective of FAM is to meet the immediate needs of members and non-members seeking help. After Sunday and Wednesday services, we assist families with shelter, food, clothing, hygiene, transportation, employment, and other areas related to personal or family needs. FAM also works with other departments at the ministry to assist individuals in getting ongoing help, so that they can live victoriously.

Food and Clothing Bank

This ministry provides food and clothing to families in need. To volunteer, please contact the Ministry of Resources at (770) 210-5757.

Health & Fitness Ministry

This ministry promotes the development of personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We offer nutritional counseling, training, and seminars to provide education and aid in improving participants’ overall wellbeing.