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For the week of July 17, 2023 The Faith to be Healed

There’s a common mindset in the world today that questions God’s ability and willingness to heal. It’s no coincidence that the people who think this way are the ones who don’t know God or what He can do. We get to know God through His Word; studying what He says about healing, and meditating on it, soon reveals the fallacy of doubt. He is healing, and He loves us deeply; believing this positions us to receive from Him.

In the Old Testament, sickness was one of the curses that sin brought. Jesus changed that when He established the covenant of grace. He bled and died on the cross to replace all the curses with blessings and make forgiveness available to us. He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.

Love and fear can’t coexist; God’s perfect love therefore casts out fear. Just before Jesus brought Jairus’ daughter back to life, He told Jairus not to fear, only believe. Jairus’ faith opened the door for miracles to happen; the same thing can happen with us when we choose to believe.

As free moral agents, our faith is critical. During His ministry, Jesus couldn’t do much for the people in His own country because of their unbelief. However, those who did believe in Him received healing. When Jesus healed the woman of the issue of blood and blind Bartimaeus, He explained to both that their faith had made them whole.

God wants us well. Doctors do their part, but He works through them to sustain us when we’re sick and restore us from our bed of illness. There will always be doubters who refuse to believe that God’s will is healing and good health. Despite what the scoffers say, however, Jesus has the power to heal; all we need is faith that He’s willing to do so out of love.


God, Your favor toward us covers every aspect of our lives, including our health. Believing that You want us healthy, not sick, positions us to receive healing. Thank You for this. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Psalm 103:3, NLT

1 John 4:18

Luke 8:50

Matthew 13:58

Mark 6:5, 6

Luke 8:48

Mark 10:52

Psalm 41:3, NIV
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