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For the week of May 13, 2024 The Truth, As Transformed by the Cross

Knowing the truth about something always brings clarity and understanding. We all want to know what’s true; however, we live in a spiritually blind world that doesn’t know where to look to find it. What was true before Jesus went to the cross may no longer be true afterward. The quality of our lives depends on understanding this.

To comprehend what God wants to show us, we need spiritual vision. This vision is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit, who reveals to us that life radically changed when Jesus replaced the law with grace. Before the cross, the requirements for salvation were based on doing; after the cross, they’re based on believing. When the rich young ruler asked Jesus how to find eternal life, Jesus gave the man a list of things to do; after His death and resurrection, the answer Paul and Silas gave to the jailer who asked the same question was simply to believe.

Many other things have also changed. Before the cross, man had to forgive, first, before God could forgive him; after the cross, we can forgive others because we’ve already been forgiven. Before the cross, man had to love God based on self-effort; after the cross, we can love God because He first loved us. Before the cross, sinning meant condemnation; after the cross, condemnation from sin was replaced with salvation.

If we’re unaware of the changes, we’ll make the mistake of continuing to live under the old, expired law. Most churches still teach the law because they don’t know any better; accepting wrong doctrines preached from the pulpit keeps people from experiencing good results in life. It’s up to believers to compare everything we hear to the written Word of God.

God doesn’t want His Word to be a mystery. It’s His will that we understand what He’s telling us. Having the discernment we need removes the veil from our hearts and from our spiritual eyes.


Lord, in light of Your progressive revelation over time, Old Testament truth was incomplete. Trying to apply law-based truths to what’s is now true under grace simply doesn’t work. Thank You for the changes You made through Christ. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


Matthew 19:16-21

Mark 10:17-21

Acts 16:30, 31

Matthew 6:14, 15

Mark 11:25, 26

Ephesians 4:32

Colossians 3:13

Mark 12:30

1 John 4:19

Romans 5:18

John 3:17

John 12:47

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