Volunteer Ministries Listing

At WCCI, we encourage spiritual employment. Our volunteer ministries are listed below. Please, pray and ask God to show you the ministry in which you are graced to serve. Once you have made your choice, please download the WCCI Ministry Directory to obtain the contact information for the ministry you would like to join. You can call us at (770) 210‑5700, ext. 6217, or e‑mail us at volunteer@worldchangers.org to sign up today.

Hospital Visitation Support Team

We are ambassadors of healing who visit (on request) WCCNY members, family members, or friends in hospitals, homes, and hospice facilities. We provide prayer and minister salvation, recommitment, and baptism of the Holy Spirit when needed.

InterAction Ministry

Do you love to talk on the phone, pray, and help others? Has God called you to spend quality time giving back to WCCI? If so, join the InterAction Ministry, and support the WCCI vision by making telephone contact with our church members on behalf of Creflo and Taffi Dollar. Call (770) 210-5700, ext. 6216 to learn more about this awesome opportunity to serve.

Legal Resources Department

The WCCI Legal Resources Department is a team of anointed volunteer legal professionals and members interested in the law who empower our church members and local community by giving them a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the laws of this land. Complimentary services include telephone legal resources information, legal clinic consultation, dispute resolution, and workshops and seminars addressing an array of legal issues.

Marriage Ministry

This ministry of married couples and families is committed to the practical application of the Word of God to the marriage relationship. Couples are challenged to seek God’s plan for their marriages, and honestly communicate with each other to stimulate growth. Those serving within this ministry are challenged individually and as couples to maximize their potential for leadership and character development. We also offer workshops, classes, date-night events, and other fun activities.

New Members Orientation

The New Members Orientation assists new members in their transition to WCCNY. New members take ten classes on various topics so that they can be on one accord with our pastors. Once they complete the classes, they are eligible and equipped to become spiritually employed as volunteers in the various ministries at WCCNY.